The first cryptocurrency that allows everyone to participate in the fight against Climate Change. Democratizing the carbon markets through Blockchain Technology. Becoming the first carbon zero cryptocurrency in the world.

Why Climatecoin
Democratize the carbon markets

The main drive is to democratize the carbon systems as we want to make possible for anyone in the world to be able to do something for the survival of their planet. We allow individuals to compensate their offsets and to invest in carbon credits through our tokens and to the producers to perceive the income directly peer to peer without intermediaries.
Corporations with their carbon offsetting programs can contribute directly to the source so they are able to make their contributions more transparent

Our Solution
Peer to peer Carbon Credit Portal

Climatecoin is launching the biggest peer to peer decentralized carbon credits portal in the world, so every citizen in the world will be able to buy credits from our platform selecting the source of product and paying directly to the producer through our token.
For that we have closed an agreement with the biggest actors in the world, Carbon Trade Exchange with it’s inherent agreements with UNFCCC and Gold Standard.

Market Opportunity

The OCDE estimates that around 103 trillion USD of cumulate investment between 2016 to 2030 is needed to mitigate climate change, so that means big profits for all carbon offsetting related business.
An IFC report launched in November shows that the historic global agreement on Climate Change adopted in Paris helped open up nearly $23 trillion in opportunities for climate-smart investments in emerging markets between now and 2030.


Prepare for the Change

Our team including our blockchain developers, together with experts from our partners at Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX), one external blockchain firm, and experts from the Carbon credits and environmental fields that are being hired, are developing our peer to peer decentralized Carbon Portal.

Our Carbon credits tokenized system will make possible for any citizen in the world and also corporations to buy Carbon Credits peer to peer by using our coin. Our portal will be nourished by sources of product from REDD+, UN verified sources and from Climatecoin verifying partners.

By using the carbon markets, entities can neutralize, or offset, their emissions by retiring Carbon Credits generated by projects that are reducing GHG emissions elsewhere. We are also permitting any individual to do it and profit from Carbon Credits appreciation.

The World Economic Forum  (WEF) says that Blockchain Technology could be used to help to save the environment in different ways:

Facilitated clean
energy trading

The technology could also allow for the development of platforms for peer-to-peer renewable energy trade. Consumers would be able to buy, sell or exchange renewable energy with each other, using tokens or tradable digital assets representing a certain quantity of energy production.

Improved carbon emission trading

Blockchain could be used to improve the system of carbon asset transactions. For example, IBM and Energy Blockchain Lab are currently working together to develop a Blockchain platform for trading carbon assets in China. Recording carbon assets on a public Blockchain would also guarantee transparency and ensure that transactions are valid and settled automatically.

Enhanced climate
finance flows

Blockchain technology could help develop crowdfunding and peer-to-peer financial transactions in support of climate action, while ensuring that financing is allocated to projects in a transparent way.

Tracking and reporting of GHG emissions reduction

The technology could provide more transparency regarding GHG emissions and make it easier to track and report emission reductions, thereby addressing possible double counting issues. It could serve as a tool to monitor the progress made in implementing the Nationally Determined Contributions, or “NDCs” under the Paris Agreement, as well as in company targets.

James Haft
José Lindo
Chief Executive Officer
Juan Boluda Soler
Chief Operating Officer
David Ortega Berdún
Chief Technology Officer
Ana Karen ZS
Chief Marketing Officer
Andrey Khomutov
Investor Relations & Russian Markets
A. Hannan Ismail
Senior Expert
Michele Stua
Carbon Markets Expert
Juan Verde
Corporate and Government Strategist
Wayne Sharpe
Executive Chairman & Founder at Global Environmental Markets limited
Ken Taylor
President of International Cyber Security Protection Alliance
Senior Advisor of DataTribe Inc
Emmanuel Lagarrigue
Chief Strategy Officer at Schneider Electric
Gonzalo de la Peña Cifuentes
Founder and COO at Openfinance
Antonio Benedito Serrano
Ex-Repsol Gas (SOLGAS) CEO and Ecuador Repsol Gas CEO
Industrial Engineer - IESE MBA
Marcos Martín Larrañaga
Co-founder & GP at Torret Road Capital
Co-founder at Menorca Millenials
Torret Road Capital - MDT Executive Program
Hanieh Sadat
Founder & CEO of Impact X
Partner at Infinity Fund
Andreu Rodríguez i Donaire
Blockchain | Innovation | Entrepreneurship
Pedro J. García
Estema University Valencia | University of California - Berkeley PDD


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Climatecoin Tokens are minted via the Token Sale Smart Contract.

Security Audits: We are working with some of the most respected Ethereum security advisors. Our Token smart contract codes Audit is Positive.

CLIMATECOIN Tokens are held in an Ethereum ERC20 Wallet.