Climatecoin Wallet for Android and iOS

Climatecoin Wallet for Android and iOS

After the development of ClimatePay we want to let the world know that our Wallet is done and working.

Climatecoin Wallet is the consumer application for CO2 tokens and Carbon Credits for storage and trading.

  1. Intuitive interface for CO2 tokens purchase, storage and sharing
  2. Full integration with Climatecoin Ecosystem
  3. Seamless Ethers and Ethereum wallet import
  4. Full integration with Online/offline CO2 tokens sales strategy

We believe that this improvement is a key element to guarantee the best and secure experience possible to our present and future Token Holders, hence we have also adapted our website to reflect these improvements.


You already can find the Climatecoin Wallet App for Android and iOS.

As we want to improve and simplify the purchase process to make easier for everyone to invest in our Planet, we will be working all the time in the Application under the feedback and suggestions from our Token Holders with the aim of becoming the cryptocurrency of reference for the carbon markets and the continuous climate change action.