The reason behind the creation of the CO2 Fund resides in the need for equating the value of all CO2 tokens. Since every different carbon credit may have a different value, but all CO2 tokens have the same, the value of each token is stapled to the value of The Fund. This Fund will not only be strategically selected according to our experts, but also it’ll also be dynamic in order to maximise its value over time.

The main objectives of the Pool are to purchase greenhouse gas emission reductions contributing to the reduction target at a competitive cost and to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. The Pool is designed to include projects from Africa, East Asia, South Asia and Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Caribbean and the Middle East.

To fulfill our strategic plan for 2018, we have proceeded to the first purchase of credits
to constitute our Pool of carbon credits


28,901 Tons of Carbon Dioxide Compensated in Small Hydroelectric Power Plants Project.


25,000 Tons Carbon Dioxide Emissions Compensation in Wind project


6,200 Tons of Carbon Dioxide Compensated via Solar Cooker project